Find the local Japanese village life in Nara pref.
マルイケ ロゴ

Take the time to relax in a comfortable space.

Enjoy the beautiful nature in the local village and be soothed by the natural light, breeze, and sounds.
Happy time will soothe your spirit.


Enjoy healthy food that makes your body happy

Using fresh vegetables from Nara, our chef carefully selects all the ingredients to bring out the flavor of our unique and delicious stock.
Enjoy this healthy flavor throughout your body and soul.

Take the time to discover yourself.

Enjoy some self reflection or spend together with your special ones.
We would like to offer a place where you can find the time for yourself.
Here at MARUIKE cafe, lessons and events are held periodically.
We would like to help you find yourself through experiences that give you excitement and discovery about Japanese culture.

Treasure the traditional.

We would like to support farm producers and artisans through our events and merchandise.
Treasuring and cherishing our culture, techniques, and community that have been passed on for millennia, we are fully committed to continue on into the future.